At a very young age, Koko always had a fascination for the arts. She began practicing her craft by drawing buildings and cartoon characters. Eventually, Koko found herself drawing people more often and thought this would definitely be her niche. With passing years, Koko eventually began applying makeup to herself to enhance her look and discovered that this too was her passion! After practicing on anything and everyone who would allow her, Koko decided to take on makeup artistry as her career, and began investing in her craft. Upon enrolling into a Cosmetology program, Koko quickly realized that her talent caught the attention of her peers and teachers. During her stay in beauty school, Koko began to attract of very talented individuals in the industry for her clean and natural makeup application. Koko is a published freelance makeup artist based in Los Angeles. Koko specializes in beauty, fashion, bridal, red carpet, film & TV makeup services.


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